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If thine enemy offend thee, buy each of his children a drum.

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Those Wacky Bravos!
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This is a community for any and creations by any member of the Bravo family. Please free to post any feedback, be it suggestions, requests, fanart, questions, comments, insults, etc.

The two main contributors will most likely be Jenni (jenni_the_odd) and Gabriel (takethemoneyrun). Jenni occasionally does arts, Gabriel makes noisemusic.

Jenni will occasionally post scripts or musings that will contain spoilers. She will put it behind the lj-cut tag, and she asks that if your posts contain spoilers, you do the same. If you do not know how to do a lj-cut, you can read here.

Advertising/spam policy
Didn't think I'd have to put this on here, but oh well. If you decide you want to advertise whatever-it-is that you have done or made (comic, website, etc.), go ahead. However, keep in mind that I (jenni_the_odd) get to delete ads for comics I do not find funny, or sites that I think are lame. I AM THE ALL-POWERFUL MODERATOR GOD. Reposting the same ad again and again will simply cause me to mark it as spam and ban you. Have a nice day. :D

This community is moderated by jenni_the_odd, who rules with an iron fist. And a trout.