The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote in bravostuff,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Art 100 - ML

#s 1, 2, 10, 15, and 40.

Contains some spoilers for ML. Given that whether or not I'll ever actually MAKE the comic is questionable, I say, go for it.

#001 - Beginnings
Mak introduces Matt and Christina. Like at first sight?

#002 - Middles
Christina once more finds herself designated as the peacekeeper during another Mak/Karen argument.
If they don't shut up soon, she thought, I'm gonna start knocking heads together.

#010 - Years
Mak and Matt had been friends since infancy. Before, really, as Makenzie's mother had gotten pregnant roughly four months after her next-door neighbor announced a baby on the way. There was a photograph of the two women, Mrs. Tsuda's 8th-month belly dwarfing Mrs. Asoph's three-month pudge, standing on the Tsuda's front porch holding ultrasound photos. Mr. Asoph liked to refer to it as the kid's first picture together.

#015 - Blue
Makenzie groaned a little as she sat up. God, what a night. She sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing her eyes. She hadn't taken her makeup off last night, it was probably smudged all to hell. She glanced at the pillow that would probably require washing, and froze.
Jared stared back at her, bleary-eyed. And very much THERE. When had he climbed into the bed?
Mak didn't move. Maybe he'd go back to sleep. Please, please go back to sleep.
She was in a tank top and underwear, her arms, her legs, her chest - everything but her stomach was visible, covered in red, pink, white lines. Why the hell did I think it was such a good idea to take off my clothes before bed? And what was she going to tell him? Oh, yeah, that 'WHORE' carved into my thigh... Yeah, I felt kind of down after our last little 'chat', is all... Sure, that sounds fucking sane...
He sat up a little.
Makenzie took a deep breath. "I-"
"Wow, your eyes are blue."

#040 - Sight
"Christina, can I borrow your-AUUUUGHH!" Julian slammed the door shut again, arms flailing. "GAH! Christ, LOCK your door, Tina!"
Christina, wrapped ineffectively in a sheet, stomped over. "Maybe you ought to try KNOCKING sometime, Jules."
"Can't unsee... can't unsee... The horror! Damn my eyes!"
"Oh, shut up. And knock next time, okay?
Julian didn't answer, just walked away trying to cleanse his brain. Behind him he heard Matt's voice.
"Well, can he?"
"Can he what?" Christina clicked the door shut and made sure it was locked.
"Borrow your AUUUUGHH. Sounds like it was important."
"... Shut up, sweetie."
Tags: art, art 100 - ml, makenzie's locker
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