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If thine enemy offend thee, buy each of his children a drum.

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I have a sickness... Aug. 5th, 2007 @ 03:22 am
And it is Puzzle Pirates.

I may have just drawn my character.

Oh, and because I kind of like it... Jul. 15th, 2007 @ 02:18 am
pvenables challenged his friendslist to draw a super villian named "Tess La Coil". So blame him. :D

Her hands turned out crap, so I put some lighting-ish stuff there and hoped no one would really notice. I kind of defeated the whole purpose of that by bringing it up. Hrm. The shading is pretty crappy, but I was tired (Nicole had a very loud party while I was drawing this) and just wanted to be done.

Jul. 15th, 2007 @ 02:15 am

If the band Dana is in with Sofy, Becca, and Alex ever releases an album, this or something like it will probably be the cover.

I was going for a sort of "modern Ophelia" look, but I think I took a wrong turn and wound up closer to "brain damage"...

Meet Reyna. May. 11th, 2007 @ 04:18 am

This is Reyna.
Her family hunts vampires (they'll take most non-human evil creature cases, but they specialize in vampire-killing). They are one of the most well-known hunter organizations on the planet.

At the age of 15, Reyna ran away from home. She returned three years later with a one year-old son named Tomas, and has to this day never explained to anyone where she was, what she did, who the child's father is, or even if it is biologically hers at all (though her attitude towards him is unmistakably maternal, and she takes excellent care of him). Upon her return, she immediately began working in the family business, and is now (at age 21) rapidly approaching the ranks of the best vampire hunters in the world.
She has one younger brother, Jack (currently 17) who is her best friend (but who knows no more about her whereabouts between the ages of 15 and 18 than anyone else in the family). She does have a sense of humor, but it's very dark and rarely seen. Reyna sometimes gives the impression that she enjoys the killing aspect of her chosen career just a little too much.

She could probably kick your ass without trying too hard.

Quickie sketch, sloppily colored with a mouse in Photoshop.
Do you ever feel like... : coldcold
Current Music: Fall Out Boy - Thanks For The Memories

22 Panels That Always Work: 1-11 Mar. 7th, 2007 @ 07:01 am
I caught the meme from pvenables. Blame him.

Cut to spare your friendslist. I am so nice.Collapse )
Interesting (sort of) fact - all of these are from scenes actually in their respective comics. Though these specific panels may not necessarily be the ones I use.
Thus far, three different comics have been represented. I may use a few new ones for the next 11.
These are all pretty scribbly, but I'm the least fond of #8. I don't think the phone is big enough, so I had to de-emphasize the rest of the panel with light shading. #9 would be cute if I hadn't made Christina's head so damn big. #6 is probably a mystery to most people, but it looks right to me, so. It's a Homecoming mum, just so you know. They're big and ugly and... ribbon-infested, more often than not. I lost patience after very few ribbons.

If you can name all the characters here... uh... I'll be kind of creeped out, since that requires a level of paying-attention-to-my-comics that I barely manage. And they're my comics.

Also, now you know why I don't hand-letter stuff. That up there is my neat block printing. I fail at handwriting.
Other entries
» More pen art.

Ballpoint pens are love.

Not sure what Mak's doing with her hands. But it's kind of in pen, so I couldn't really change anything...
» First drawing of 2007!
And it's... a badly proportioned Chris drawn in ballpoint pen with no preliminary sketching.

... Shush, you.

She is lying down, so it is wide enough that I cut for you.Collapse )

I get a bloody tablet for Christmas, and what do I do. Go right back to cheap ballpoint pens. I should be shot.
» Destroying your friendslist is proof that I love you.

The Girls in the Band - colored. This is Sofy, Becca, and Alex.
Yes, Alex's hair and makeup is awful, but that's how he likes it, and Sofy finds it kind of cute that he tries so hard (AND GOT SO FAAAAR... IN THE END, IT DOESN'T EVEN MATT*bricked*).
Alex is very much a teenygoth in many ways, but the others put up with him because he's not that bad, and he can play drums well. He dyed his hair within three hours of being dropped off at college - his first official act of rebellion. Sofy treats him like the little brother she never had, and while he dislikes being babied, he loves the attention.
» Sweet, delicious icons
Free for use, credit appreciated.
1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.

For the life of me, I can't recall when or why I made that Makenzie icon. But it's kind of cute.
» Art 100 - ML
#s 1, 2, 10, 15, and 40.

Contains some spoilers for ML. Given that whether or not I'll ever actually MAKE the comic is questionable, I say, go for it.
Fullsize pictures and badly-written drabble to go along with some of them! Yay.Collapse )
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